bluewaterpictures: Dennis Anderson Photography

"One of the 10 great Hospitality Photographers" -Hospitality Design Magazine.

Fine art images in Permanent Collection NY and SF MOMA.

"Distinguished Speaker" -American Society of Interior Designers

Dennis Anderson is an internationally known commercial and residential photographer whose fine art photography is in the permanent collections of both the New York and S.F. Museums of Modern Art.

A native of New Jersey Anderson received a B.A. in art from Antioch College and then studied under Imogene Cunningham. As an accomplished master of lighting, Anderson has traveled to Asia, South America and throughout the United States shooting feature assignments for the designers and owners of homes, restaurants, and resorts. His photos have appeared in numerous books and magazines including Architectural Digest, Hospitality Design, Interiors, Maritime Life and Tradition, Vogue Living, Resorts and Great Hotels and Rolling Stone. . He presents a series of photography and lighting seminars around the country as a member of the Distinguished Speakers Series of the American Society of Interior Designers.

Major shows of his work have hung at the California Academy of Science and the San Francisco Airport Museums. After publication of his book Hidden Treasures of San Francisco Bay, Anderson was featured on the popular television program Bay Area Backroads, KRON TV Channel 4. Senator Diane Feinstein comments about the book:

“As a native San Franciscan I have enjoyed the San Francisco Bay all my life. Yet Dennis Anderson’s striking photography reveals a world I have seen only in glimpses—the Bay at night, underwater, and from above…. This is a truly remarkable work.” DianeFeinstein

Anderson has finally moved off of his wooden fishing boat, the antique 1926 Sardine Lighter. He maintains a presence in San Rafael, California and he can also be found at his house in Klamath Falls, Oregon.

“Its high desert, a 30 mile long lake, and very close to the snow geese”

Current Project: Photographing the construction and operation of a 150 long traditional ironwood sailing schooner in Bali and Kalimatan, Indonesia. Finished to 5 star standards, it will explore the vastly rich worlds of the 17,000 islands of the Indonesian Archipeligo. Next stop, Irian Jaya.

When asked about his work, Anderson says:

“The thing I like about photography the most is that often, when I pick up a camera and look through the lens, the universe gives me a gift. For a few moments, my mind clears and I can see directly—without thoughts and preconceptions hiding the way. It’s like a veil opens and things get brighter and sharper. Colors are enhanced and everyday objects glow in a new light. It seems the Magic surrounds us always if we just take the time to look.” 415-457-1998